Saturday, September 6, 2014
Wii U Sells 40,000 Units At Launch In UK

Wii U Sells 40,000 Units At Launch In UK

Sources claim the console completely sold out at retail.

According to MCV, around 40,000 Nintendo Wii U units were sold at launch, and although the number seems a bit small, units were effectively sold out at retail outlets, according to sources with knowledge of UK’s Wii U stock.

However both Amazon and GAME have available units online.

In comparison, Wii sold 105,000 units at launch in the UK, and Xbox 360 managed 70,000. Compared to these numbers, the Wii U has fallen starkly sharp of its predecessor’s performance.

Via MCV.

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  • nick

    funny how different the world is.
    US and UK have pretty much sold out, but here you can buy one wherever you want!
    it shocked me when i went into the shops on thursday, bigw had it as released on their website so i went in and asked about it see if i could get it early while i was picking up FC3 saving me going in twice.
    and they actually said im the first person to ask about it!
    i mean come on, nintys new system 1 day before release and im the first person to ask about it!?
    even when i went to the shops today i was talking to the manager at EB and he was saying they have sold 5 units so far!
    amazing how something can fly off the shelf in one part of the world, and in another people could not care less about it.