Tuesday, August 19, 2014
Wii U Is In Deep, Deep Trouble

Wii U Is In Deep, Deep Trouble

It’s already been made abundantly clear that Nintendo’s Wii U isn’t performing well, but the extent of the console’s troubles wasn’t known until these latest numbers: According to Nintendo, between April 1st and June 30th of this year, the Wii U sold 160,000 units. Those are global sales figures over the course of three months.

Simple math reveals to us that on average, Nintendo sells 53,000 Wii U units globally every month. Those are extremely poor numbers.

Here’s how Nintendo explains it: The worldwide sales of ‘Wii U’ hardware and software were 0.16 million units and 1.03 million units respectively mainly due to the release of few key first-party titles this quarter to strongly drive the hardware sales. So Nintendo believes that the lack of first-party software was the cause of the grim sales.

The legendary games company also revealed that part of its operating loss was due to “research and development for ‘Wii U’ software.”

But it gets worse. To add to Nintendo’s pain, ASDA, the UK’s equivalent of Walmart, has declared that it will no longer stock Wii U.

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  • Hailceaser

    the wii-u looks like fun but personally, i just can’t justify it. Sure there are decent games for it, but with so many fantastic games on the 360 and PS3, and with the PS4 and Xbox One just around the corner, why would i pick up a wii-u right now? i’ll likely get one eventually, when the price comes down substantially.