Wednesday, September 10, 2014
Weekend Quencher 11/24/12 – The Magic Of Gaming, Edition

Weekend Quencher 11/24/12 – The Magic Of Gaming, Edition

A true gamer will tell you he/she simply can’t stop gaming. They’ll make abundantly clear that the pastime they’ve known since childhood isn’t one that breaks easy. It’s near impossible. They’ll back up their claim by making mention of fond memories that no other entertainment medium can produce, and if they’re like me, they’ll conclude their convincing essay with this statement: ‘gaming is like magic’. It’s the weekend, Games Thirst, anybody up for some gaming with me, Maestro-GTUnit?

I’ll play anything you want, or at least what’s mp-ready in my arsenal: Battlefield 3, Killzone 3 (yes!), Black Ops 2, Uncharted 3, Medal Of Honor: Warfighter, Resistance 3? :( or anything else you want to play.

Apart from the magic of gaming this weekend, I’ll be attending a very important meeting about 11:00 am today, after that I’ll make the rounds with my wife to the various malls and shopping centers here. You know, looking for some good post-Black Friday deals.

What are you good Games Thirst people up to? Let’s hear it and have a blast this weekend!

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  • Baran Altuncu

    I’m happy my electricity didn’t cut out because of the rain, the rain only lasted about 5 minutes. Stupid weather reports. Well since I still have no games to play I’m still waiting to get Black Ops 2! Damn I’m dying for the game!

  • narwall14

    i played bo 2 for awhile then i deleted it off my pc i just can’t get into it

  • nick

    still slugging through hitman absolution.
    its funny the more and more i play the game the more and more i want to go back and play conviction.
    sigh, i had such high hopes for this and its just not right at all!
    biggest thing spoiling it for me is its inconsistency.
    one part of one level will be so open you can choose so many ways of getting somewhere.
    than all of a sudden its turned into a corridor shooter.
    than all of a sudden its a open world game again.
    its like they had 2 totally different developers working on the game.
    make up your god dam mind!
    i wish the scoring system was allot more lenient too, its just so strict and it really takes the fun out of everything!
    it gets really boring and frustrating having to sneak past 1000 guards every 5 seconds!
    especially in the more linear restrictive levels.
    i wish they would of made it that if you kill a guard silently and no one sees you than you dont loose any points, that would of made it SO much more fun!

  • benzo

    I have work this weekend. But I was able to pick up a few games I’ve wanted to play…Fable 3,Yakuza Dead Souls, Spec Ops the Line, and Dead Island. Plus I’m also at the end of my 1st playthrough with Borderlands 2!!!!