Sunday, February 1, 2015
GTA 5 Info Blowout In December Game Informer Magazine

GTA 5 Info Blowout In December Game Informer Magazine

It never fails. Whenever Rockstar gets ready to start marketing a Grand Theft Auto game, the blitz starts with a blowout in Game Informer Magazine. That blitz, my friends, begins in the Magazine’s December issue. GTA rain is about to fall, don’t hold up an umbrella, let the rain fall.

Revealing the news in a tweet, the magazine’s editor-in-chief Andy McNamara said he was in New York getting ready to check out the new cover, linking to an image of Rockstar’s logo.

It was only yesterday that mega games retailer GameStop listed the game for a March, 2013 release, so even if it’s not accurate, we can at least predict a Q1 2013 release for the game.

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  • nick

    i really want this to be the spiritual successor to san andreas in every way!
    the weapon customization and upgrades, the car customization, the gigantic map, the gang wars, the massive amount of activities, weapons and vheicles.
    just the scope of that game was so amazing!

  • narwall14

    i really want a co-op story so me and my bro can play