Friday, August 22, 2014
Xbox Live Is Down, Microsoft Working To Reinstate It (Update)

Xbox Live Is Down, Microsoft Working To Reinstate It (Update)

Update: According to a tweet from Major Nelson, the service is back up.

Original Story: Live is suddenly not responsive to users trying to log-in, however Microsoft said it’s identified the situation and is working on a fix. The firm blames recent updates for the crash.

We’re aware that some users may be experiencing difficulty logging in to Xbox LIVE at present. This does happen from time to time while updates and fixes are made to the system and should not be symptomatic of any larger problems.

A service update can be found on, alerting Xbox LIVE users to the current state of the service. I don’t have an update on timeframe for service to resume as usual, but we are working on the problem.

Elsewhere, users are saying they’re experiencing difficulty when trying to log-in to, but Microsoft says its maintenance crew are the ones causing this, as they work tirelessly to get Live back in action.

Have you tried logging in?

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  • Trey

    Yes, i tried logging in and is down it seems, and so is Xbox live, I don’t see why Microsoft didn’t warn us beforehand, i could understand then, there would be that many problems or that many complaints if Microsoft were to that, people are only mad because no one said that is was going to be down.I’m still trying to log in and doing connection tests and the tests come out the same, they say that my INTERNET is the problem, no, no, no, Xbox, you got it aaaall wrong, i am 60% sure Xbox is being hacked.