Friday, January 30, 2015
Thirsty Conversations: What’s The Game You’ve Played The Most This Gen?

Thirsty Conversations: What’s The Game You’ve Played The Most This Gen?

As the seventh generation of console comes to a close with each passing day, we reminisce on the things that made it one of the best. Today will talk about the game that kept you coming back for more even when you thought it was time to move on.

For some, it might be one of this generation’s blockbusters, or it might be one of the most insignificant games out there, and for others its somewhere in-between. That’s no problem.

What matters is that you liked it, and said game helped shape your experience with either your PS3, Xbox 360, PC or whatever.

Tell us, Games Thirst, the game that you’ve played so much that you’re even embarrassed when friends see that you’re still playing. The game that made this gen the best ever, in your mind.

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For me it’s Killzone 3, ob. vi. ous. ly.

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  • TheGrimOfDeath

    For me it’s Battle Field 3 and Little Big Planet 1. I played so many user-made levels and I don’t regret it one bit. :3 I can’t wait to get LBP Vita then get a small PSP game.

  • Ghost250

    Uncharted 2, i played the campaign so many time and i was hooked on the Multi-Player for months

  • Joshua Tompkins

    Halo 3/Gears of War/MLB 12 The Show/Uncharted 2/Borderlands. I know that is more than one game, but I have played them equally.

  • Ernice Gilbert

    @Josh: Gears IP is awesome man.

  • Ernice Gilbert

    @Ghost: Yep, Uncharted rocks. But for me it’s Killzone 3 – I just couldn’t get enough of it!

  • narwall14

    Arma 1 & 2 hope to get 3

  • nick

    probably would be ME2.
    simply because i had so many reliability issues so i had to start all over so many times, and 3 of those times were like 80% of the way through!
    so many times my save got corrupted, GGGGGGRRRRRRRRRRR………..
    still a little sore on that…….
    oh not to mention i replayed it twice on my 360, than grabbed it for ps3 for all the DLC was included and thats when i ran into the reliability issues.
    the witcher 2 is quickly taking over that though.
    over 100 hours spent on that game and im only like a quater of the way through it!
    christ, how the hell did they manage to port this over to the 360 in such a short period of time!?
    witches really are real!