Sunday, January 25, 2015
You Can Play FIFA 13 Today – Trailer Inside

You Can Play FIFA 13 Today – Trailer Inside

Although FIFA 13 won’t be available until tomorrow in the U.S. and Friday in Europe, you can get access to the full game now by purchasing EA Sports Season Ticket.

For UK gamers, the Season Ticket will cost 2000 Microsoft Points on Xbox Live or £19.99 on PSN, allowing purchasers to download FIFA 13 right now and start playing the highly-anticipated game.

For U.S. gamers, the Season Ticket will cost 2000 MS Points on Xbox Live and $25 on PSN. Just like UK gamers, buying the season pass will allow gamers to play the full game now.

Apart from early access to the game, ticket holders will be given 24 FIFA Ultimate Team Gold Premium packs and 20 percent off all future DLC.

Access to the full game will be pulled once it launches tomorrow here, and Friday in Europe, but judging by our download speeds, it makes more sense for European gamers to jump on this offer.

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  • foxton

    im having to wait until tomorrow :( but i dont see the point in paying 20 quid just to play it a day or so early! complete rip off! i wonder what will be no. 1 in the gamer charts over here come monday ;)

  • Ernice Gilbert

    Haha. You know what will be.

  • foxton

    heres a few figures for ya to give you an idea on the sheer size of FIFA!
    NHL shifted 435,000 copies in its first week
    Madden shifted 1.65mill in its first week
    FIFA sold 353,000 in N.AMERICA ONLY on its FIRST DAY
    and have 1.3mill PRE ORDERS. i expect at least another 2 million on top of that this weekend