Wednesday, June 5, 2013
PS4, Next Xbox Will Fail If They’re Not Digital-Only

PS4, Next Xbox Will Fail If They’re Not Digital-Only

If PS4 and the next Xbox include a retail strategy, meaning allowing physical media to be purchased at retail like it’s done now, Codemasters co-founder David Darling, who now heads mobile gaming company Kwalee believes.

“Consoles have become like dinosaurs heading for extinction as their natural retail habitat begins to change. These ancient beasts must now adapt to a new environment where platforms like Steam, Facebook and Apple’s App Store are pushing innovation. People are already playing more games through digital download than physical media. For instance, Angry Birds has had more than one billion downloads, a sales figure totally beyond what can be achieved by boxed games sold in the likes of Game and GameStop.

With digitally distributed games we can cut out physical production, warehouses, distributors and retailers. We can publish our own games, reducing our costs so that we can deliver fun experiences to players for far less cost than a console game. Therefore it is no longer necessary to charge people huge prices to play video games.”

According to Darling, leaving the retail model behind will make games cheaper.

“Sony and Microsoft cannot let the retailers dictate game prices going forwards if they want to break free from the current over-priced model, their next consoles PlayStation 4 and Xbox 720 need to be digital only, or they will fail.

Digitally distributed games can reach players all around the world quickly, cutting out physical production, warehouses, distributors and retailers. Therefore, it is no longer necessary to charge people huge prices to play video games.”

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  • TheGrimOfDeath

    The only problem is that some people have very slow internet speeds so if next gen games are 100 GB then that is very screwy.

  • benzo

    Too much doom and gloom about the gaming industry right now. The only reason this dude is raggin on consoles, it because he is ridding the jock of the mobile market. I wish these people would keep their mouths shut. Lets build up the gaming industry instead of tearing it down. First the psp was doomed,then the ps3, then the wii, then it was the 3DS, then the Vita, then Sony,and now the entire console industry…not to mention the Wii U…WHICH DOESNT HAVE A RELEASE DATE OR PRICE YET!!!! WTF!!!!! This 2012 crap has people wishing death on anything. The home console market will continue to change, grow,adapt,and evolve. The mobile market caters to a different crowd,therefore it will NOT destroy the console market. If anything, it would force innovation from the Big 3, which is a good thing for everyone. When I started gaming, it was kind of a niche thing. Your have your dedicated group of gamers who would throw down the coin to play their favorite games. Over this past generation, a whole new demographic of people began gaming with the Wii. In their greedy boardrooms, the Sony and MS wanted to get at the casual crowd and BAM…Move and Kinect are born. But casual gamers dont buy games often…so the true gamers lose out from new and challenging experiences so the BIG 3 can try to get $$$ from people who dont spend it on games. Hence the death of the Wii and Nintendo embracing the “hardcore audience” again. If the mobile market does anything, it will drive the casuals away from consoles, and gaming will return to how it was when I started playing during the genesis days. I guess Im ranting now so I will chill out. But to all the naysayers,console doom talkers,and mobile games are the future folks…When will people learn that they dont have to tear something down in order to make their product look good. So shut your mouth, get to work on your game and let the work speak for itself! FIN

  • nick

    who now heads a mobile gaming company.
    yup that explains it all!
    one thing that always amazes me is how people always believe every industry has to be like theirs otherwise its going to crumble!
    ill never be able to understand why that is, i mean why cant people understand what is best for their locale is not best for everything?
    digital works really well for mobiles because 1 the games are small so you dont need to live in japan with unlimited download usages and ADSL2 speeds to download your games!
    not to mention mobiles need to be light and compact, id be pretty hard cramming in a media drive in a phone even if they used mini SD slots or something.
    and it would totally destroy the battery life!
    consoles dont have those restrictions and luxuries though.
    consoles dont have to be portable, they dont have to have a good battery life, and they dont have to have be compact!
    they dont have the luxury of games being small either.
    do you really want to waste half your download usage downloading 1 game?
    and how long would that take?
    and how long will you continue to upgrade your HDD because you have ran out of room till you get annoyed?
    i really cant understand the audacity and arrogance of people these days!
    i mean arent they worried of making a a$$ of themselves?
    which he just has!
    i mean seriously you honestly cant be that retarded to believe DD is the only way to save console gaming!
    if anything its the only way to destroy it!
    or maybe he believes people will take him seriously, make consoles DD only so they crash so everyone has to go mobile.
    maybe, just maybe its one clever marketing ploy…………..

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