Thursday, November 21, 2013
PS4 Under Development Since August 2010

PS4 Under Development Since August 2010

An ex-SCEA R&D director’s LinkedIn CV has revealed many a details concerning PS4, including when work began on the still unannounced console in earnest.

Apparently work began over two years ago, back when it had no codename, and was simply called the “next generation PlayStation”.

The LinkedIn profile of Attila Vass, who served as director of research and development at Sony Computer Entertainment America from May 1998 and April 2012, claims that he began working on the graphics library and security on the “Next Generation PlayStation” in August 2010.

Vass also did some work on PlayStation Vita, but he lists said work separately, suggesting that “the next generation PlayStation” may be PS4.

“In 1998 I started as the first engineer in the Playstation US R&D,” reads Vass’ profile.

“I worked on graphics ( COLLADA, PSGL ) and a lot of network related technologies ( advertising, telemetry, PVRs ) for the Playstation2-x, PSP, Vita and Next Generation platforms. Platform security was occupying most of my time at the last years… ”

Start saving up early, guys, because next year you will spend a lot of money.

Thanks, Videogamer.

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  • nick

    id be surprised if it was only started that late!
    these things are normally in development 3-4 years before they are announced!
    hell yoshida said the vita has been in development since 08 if i remember right, a full 3 years before it was announced.
    so maybe if this is accurate, than maybe this proves the ps4 wont be releasing next year?

  • Ernice Gilbert

    Yeah, if it’s accurate. The same thread said it might have been in development before then, though. So it could have been before.

  • nick

    i hope so!
    last thing we want is another rush job like the ps3 was!
    one thing $ony REALLY needs to do is get dev kits and tools out as soon as possible!
    main reason why the ps3 suffered so much is exactly because of that.
    1 simple thing created SO many problems!
    first off they did not have enough time, so there were so few games on launch.
    2 developers did not have enough time to learn the new architecture.
    3 $onys engineers did not have enough time to create enough tools for their SDK!
    $ony needs to try get the state SDK as close to what the ps3 has now.
    when the ps3 released it was such a freaking mess, which is why so many games were poor shoddy ports or were delayed so much!
    last thing $ony can afford is another haze!
    free radical were complaining multiple times that $onys SDK was not providing enough assistance which is why the game got delayed so much.
    i really hope they manage to turn the tables with the ps4, because if they do it again they really risk developers saying stuff you were not going to bother with your difficult messy ways.

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