Wednesday, January 28, 2015
Report: Square-Enix Pays Its People Big Bucks

Report: Square-Enix Pays Its People Big Bucks

Here is a list of the yearly income for the games industry (particularly Japan), from public reports filed by companies, according to online research site Nensyu Labo. Hint: If you’re in Japan, go look a job at Square-Enix.

Square Enix Holdings: ¥21,680,000 (US$272,988)
Sony: ¥9,230,000 ($116,189)
Nintendo: ¥9,140,000 ($115,032)
Sega Sammy: ¥8,220,000 ($103,486)
Konami: ¥6,780,000 ($85,371)
Namco Bandai: ¥6,400,000 ($80,577)
Tecmo Koei: ¥6,150,000 ($77,418)
Capcom: ¥5,710,000 ($71,891)

Keep in mind that the strong Yen makes the salaries appear much larger in USD, and it also doesn’t mean everyone at SE is making upwards $200,000 per year. It’s more mid-level and upper management salaries, I believe.

Still, it’s no shabby figure.

Thanks, Kotaku.

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  • nick

    probably wont even be mid management, more like senior.
    especially considering the amount of teams they run!
    there not like sega or crapcom who only have a handful of studios.
    they have their own, plus since they bought out eidos now even more.
    cant wait to see what eidos montreal is working on now!
    i hope its thief 4, but that was announced so long ago, and its been quiet for so long i seriously doubt it!
    so id go for a deus ex sequel, human revolution while unbalanced and inconsistent like i said in my review, was still such a awesome game!
    i still like to dream that one day warren will come back home, leave disney behind and go back to deus ex!
    just like jaffe going back to GOW………

  • Ernice Gilbert

    This is in Japan, though. Not sure about SE’s properties out of the east.