Wednesday, January 28, 2015
Another One Is Dead: Radical Entertainment Shuttered

Another One Is Dead: Radical Entertainment Shuttered

First it was Zipper Interactive, then came 38 Studios – today, we’re getting reports that Prototype developer Radical Entertainment has met its end. The studio’s no more.

The reports concerning the closure of the Canadian-based developer have been all over Twitter and Facebook, and a few industry sources have contacted Kotaku to inform then than indeed, Radical Entertainment had shuttered.

Apart from the Prototype franchise, Radical Entertainment was also behind Scarface. They’ll be sorely missed.

Farewell, then. A cutthroat industry, the games business.

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  • nick

    sorry to say this, but sorry guys thats what happens when you release shit games!
    prototype was ok, but seriously buggy!
    prototype 2 was so boring and repetitive!
    for once a studio that deserves to be shut down is shut down, instead of a highly tallanted devoted developer!

  • Ernice Gilbert

    The game’s weren’t bad…just not great. It’s never good to see folks losing work, man.