Wednesday, June 5, 2013
Sony: “Everyone On The Planet Knows Games Are In Development For PS4″

Sony: “Everyone On The Planet Knows Games Are In Development For PS4″

If you needed more confirmation that PS4 will be unveiled at Sony’s next E3 press conference next year, here it is.

Sony’s senior vice president Scott Rohde wanted only to talk about PS3 in an interview with GTTV, and while the executive managed to do just that for almost the entirety of the interview, he couldn’t help himself at the end.

“It was just something we didn’t feel was important to bring up this year,” Rhode explained when asked why there was no mention of the still unannounced console. “We had probably five or ten other games that probably deserved stage time that didn’t get it, right? We always have so much to talk about that we felt we didn’t need to talk about that just yet.”

At the end of the interview, while talking about the long life cycles of PlayStation consoles, Rhode let slip that there are indeed games right now under development for PS4.

“Believe it or not, PlayStation 2 still sells well in some parts of the world, so we’re still supporting that to a degree. It’s the way this company is set up – to handle those sorts of things – so it’s not something we’re concerned about,” said Rhode.

Adding: “We’re not talking about when the machine is coming out, but I think that everyone on the planet knows that of course games are in development.”

There. Your PS4 confirmation.

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  • nick

    of course games are in development for the system!
    does not mean jack though, i mean the last guardian started development in 05 for crying out loud!
    well thats when a BBC journalist saw it, how long it had been in development before that god knows.
    point being just because ps4 games are in development does not mean will see the system any time soon!
    hell, gravity rush made the switch from being a ps3 title to a vita title 4 years ago!
    a full 3 years before $ony first revealed the system.

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