Saturday, August 30, 2014
“Huge, New PS3 Exclusive” To Be Shown On Game Trailers With First In-Game Footage

“Huge, New PS3 Exclusive” To Be Shown On Game Trailers With First In-Game Footage

Sony’s keeping things hot even before 3 as it prepares to unveil a “huge, new PS3 exclusive” on Game Trailer TV next Thursday. I smell God of War: Ascension, or this.

As is custom, it was Geoff Keighley who made known the news via twitter: “As the tv guide listings say, yes, next Thurs on GTTV we are unveiling a huge new PS3 exclusive with first game footage. More soon!,” he said.

Any guesses?

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  • Ghost250

    no GOW ascension is being showed on the 30th this month, this reveal is totally something different. my opinion its probably a syphon filter game, a while back there was rumor that a new GOW and Syphon filter was supposed to be announced in the same month. GOW is already announced so this reveal is probably pointing towards syphon filter.

  • benzo

    @Ghost250….Syphon Filter game would be AMAZING!!!!!!!

  • nick

    ill add to the list of wanting syphon filter, but theres no way were ever seeing a new syphon filter game!
    it wont be GOW as ghost said the trailer for that is on the 30th and he said its a unannounced game.
    ill go for the stupid crappy super smash brothers brawl wannabe!
    i hope its not but it looks like it is.
    if not id love to see david cage announce his next game.

  • Ernice Gilbert

    Yeah, I’m on the Syphon Filter bandwagon, too. But I’ve lost hope there… It’ll probably be a portable Syphon Filter when it’s announced. If it does.

  • nick

    id love to see syphon filter for the vita.
    hey. maybe thats what sony bend is working on now golden abyss is out………