Thursday, December 12, 2013
Cross Platform Play Between PlayStation Orbis And Xbox 720 Confirmed

Cross Platform Play Between PlayStation Orbis And Xbox 720 Confirmed

If you thought this generation was the best, do a double take because the best is yet to come. Microsoft and Sony have teamed up on their next generation consoles to make multiplatform games playable across platforms.

This on the heels of rumors claiming both PS Orbis and Microsoft’s Xbox 720 will feature used game-blocking technology.

According to a joint statement released by MS and Sony: “No longer will gamers be divided by the very medium that should bring them together, so after much thought and hard work to make sure that this was even possible, we’re ready to announce cross-platform play between the next Xbox and PS4.”

It’s the first bit of information we’ve received concerning next generation consoles, and the last we’ll apparently get in quite some time.

“As for more information concerning our upcoming consoles, we’r not ready to reveal anything else,” the join statemented continued, concluding: “rest assured, though, they’ll be the two most powerful machines you’ve ever seen, or will ever play.”

One more thing, it’s April Fools’ :D

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  • linglingjr

    Lol that was very believable but M$ would never do that

  • Wolf1888

    Daaaammmn youuu!! :P
    Haha you got me.

  • narwall14

    god i hate this day

  • nick

    not a cross platform support but id love to see M$, ninty and $ony join up to make 1 console.
    the innovation, freshness and ambition ninty bring, mixed with the raw power $ony bring, mixed with the OS and online capabilities M$ brings.
    now that would be the best system!
    only chance consoles would ever have of eradicating gaming PCs!
    only problem that would bring would be less competition so they could charge whatever they want so it would be very expensive!
    would be cool though!
    especially the OS M$ brings, i really hate the OS the ps3 uses!
    you cant do a single freaking thing while playing games!
    daylight savings ended last night so i wanted to change the time but since i was playing a game i wasent able to.
    i mean seriously?
    you cant even do something as simple as change the freaking time!?

  • ExclusivesMostly

    Awe, this would’ve been so cool…

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