Wednesday, January 22, 2014
Skyrim Patch 1.04 Coming Next Week, PS3 Lag Fix Included

Skyrim Patch 1.04 Coming Next Week, PS3 Lag Fix Included

The Skyrim patch version 1.04 that gamers have been painstakingly waiting on will finally see its release come next week. Rejoice.

The patch will include many fixes, including a PS3 legacy fix that will once and for all address the PS3 lag issue. “There will be numerous fixes. when we have a finalized changelog, we’ll share it with everyone,” said Bethesda in a tweet.

In the meantime, gamers looking to enjoy the game on PS3 can do a few things to make the experience a better one:

– Turn off auto saves. This can cause temporary stuttering since the PS3 saves these files in the background. This is most noticeable with large saves when fast traveling to a new area or entering a new area that auto saves.

– Clear space on your hard drive. Skyrim makes heavy use of the hard drive, and freeing up space on here seems to help many people. Hard drive speeds also differ in PS3 models. Some users have reported increase performance by upgrading their drives.

– Waiting for time to pass. Many things are running in the world depending on what quests you’ve done or places you have visited. Using Wait or Rest options, passing time will clear up some of these. It depends how long you wait, it may take up to 30 days for some items. Saving, resetting, and loading after this will have the largest effect.

Once patch 1.04 has arrived, however, there will be no need for all these inconveniences. We’re also hoping it’ll be the patch to really make Skyrim the wonderful experience it really can be.

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  • smoge

    I’ll believe it when I see it

  • Ernice Gilbert

    Haha. Agreed. It will come this time.

  • nick

    they STILL have not fixed this!?
    thank god i gave up ages ago!
    sorry bugthesda but after fallout 3, new vegas, and what you have done to my beloved id ill never be touching one of your games EVER again!

  • Ernice Gilbert


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