Wednesday, September 10, 2014
Quenchables: PS Vita Is The Best Of PSone, PS2, PSP And Even PS3

Quenchables: PS Vita Is The Best Of PSone, PS2, PSP And Even PS3

Sony’s said the PS Vita is essentially all the best pieces of its past platforms forged into one ultimate console. The quenchable quote’s below the break.

“What we try to do as a company is to take the best learnings from the different platforms, and the things we gain from them. I think we learned from PSPGo that consumers want flexibility in terms of how they access their content, that they wanted both a packaged solution and a network distribution solution.

“I think we learned also from the general PSP experience that delivering what is essentially a great handheld console game experience on a portable device was all well and good, but if we were able to add these different interfaces and interact differently with the content – and to use the immediacy of having a portable device always with you – that that was really important.

Looking further back, part of the original PlayStation’s success, and part of the PlayStation 2′s success, was the ease of use of the development environment. So I’d like to think that PS Vita has returned us to the core of that DNA, as well.” – SCEE boss Andrew House speaking to CVG.

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  • nick

    100% correct there, but as usual where they improve in multiple areas they go backwards in others.
    im afraid its always been 3 steps forward and 3 steps back which kinda makes the whole journey pointless.
    you dont go to the casino to spend 1000 bucks and make 1000 bucks now do you?
    no, you want to make progress which is exactly what there not making!