Wednesday, September 10, 2014
Wii U Is Xbox 360 With Tablet Controller – Pachter

Wii U Is Xbox 360 With Tablet Controller – Pachter

Wedbush Morgan Securities analyst Michael Pachter says Microsoft isn’t afraid of Nintendo’s Wii U, and so the firm won’t rush out the next Xbox to try and compete. He even went as far as saying Nintendo’s console is not actually next generation material, adding that Microsoft and Sony “don’t care” about it.

“And again, I take a lot of shit for this,” began Pachter on Tested’s Latest Video, per Gaming Everything, “their next gen system is a current gen system… But people who go, ‘well what are Microsoft and Sony going to do to catch up with Nintendo?’, they don’t care. Microsoft especially is not afraid of the Wii U. They look at the Wii U as an Xbox 360 with a tablet controller and is gonna likely come out at a higher price point that the 360 at the time.”

Sony recently said it’s not mentioning anything concerning PS4 at E3 2012, but Microsoft hasn’t been saying much. Fighting words from the analyst, as usual.

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  • Ghost250

    I’m gonna have to agree for the first time with Pachter. The WiiU is not next gen it’s more like catch up gen with a new gimmick. Nintendo can’t live off gimmicks forever. whats after tablets? oh wait i can see it now “the WiiU2 with a toaster oven now you can play games while toasting bread at the same time.” I’m going be the first one to say the WiiU will fail, not that i want it too but i can see happening in the foreseeable future. The way the market is now no one is gonna buy a WiiU just cause of a tablet controller they’ll just go buy an iPad if they want to play with a tablet. that’s the straight truth no way getting around it. not only that it’s cheaper option too. the games are like dirt cheap on the AppStore, they might not be as good as quality as WiiU games but the casual market doesn’t care about that.

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  • Ernice Gilbert

    @Ghost: For the hardcore gamer, it does look dismal, Wii U. But I’m still holding out hope just in case.. It’s new hardware, and I”m always excited about stuff like that.

  • nick

    still not getting the point bub now are ya!?
    hey, did ninty get to where they are today, being by far the best selling of the 3 by being worried about playing catch up?
    ninty cares about what M$ thinks of them as much as vice versa, in other words they could not give a flying flat!
    ninty will go on milking mario and metroid and maybe a new IP or 2, and they will go on selling millions simple as that!
    because they are the ONLY company out there that knows proper game design!
    there the only company out there who has the balls to say to hell with technology we want to make a game that is fun and interesting, not a game that makes people go woooooooo thats perty.
    they want the handy man, not the gorgeous model that could not give you the answer to 1 1!
    thats one thing i realised playing zelda skyward sword.
    i enjoyed playing that game more then i have any game this ENTIRE GEN!
    simply because its the only game still made for the sake of telling a story, not to go oh wow look at me im so peeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerty!
    all substance no function.
    ninty will go on doing exactly what they have with the wii, and it will sell like hotcakes because there the only ones who understand what true gamers want!
    we want games, not freaking tech demos!
    its nice to have everything, but if i had to choose give me the lab coat chick over the cat walk dress any day of the week!