Sunday, June 2, 2013
No PS3 Lag Fix In Skyrim Patch 1.04: Here’s A Temporary Solution

No PS3 Lag Fix In Skyrim Patch 1.04: Here’s A Temporary Solution

Sometimes to gain something you must lose another, and that’s sadly the case with The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim if you wish to stop the lag the PS3 version of the game suffers with. It’s a simple fix, and won’t solve everything but at least you’ll be playing again.

Here’s how:

Bethesda’s said they’re working on a “legacy” fix for PS3 that would solve the issue of lag caused when save files get to big (around 6 and 10MB). All you have to do is simply disable autosave and the game will run much better. But this means you’ll have to remember to save your progress in different files multiple times while you play, and make sure you don’t forget to do so because once you die, all your progress will be lost.

As for when the PS3 lag fix will be introduced, no one knows for sure but rumor around gaming’s web claims it’ll not come in patch 1.4.

Anyway, we hope this works for you, as it’s done wonders for many PS3 gamers.

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  • smoge

    I read somewhere that you should go around closing all the does behind you, yh right. Don’t have the game personally all thought have played bits on a friends Xbox and I looks amazing, however I refuse to buy it unroll the ps3 version is to the same standed as the xbox version.

  • smoge

    doors* not dose

  • Ernice Gilbert

    Agreed. I’ve been wanting to buy Skyrim for a long time…. But I refuse to because of the so many glitches on PS3. I simply refuse to do it until Bethesda sends live a fix. A perma fix!

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