Friday, May 9, 2014

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DICE Responds To Critics Of BF3 Patch 1.04


There have been many critics of DICE’s latest Battlefield 3 update, version 1.04, with some gamers going as far as saying the game’s broken beyond repair, raging at DICE on Battlefield 3′s official forums. The firm’s responded to its critics. Read More »

Join Games Thirst’s Battlefield 3 Server


Since Battlefield 3 patch 1.04 went live, the rent ‘your own server’ option has been causing many problems as admins do as they please with the servers they rented. They’ll ban you if you’re playing too good, and change all preset options to fit their needs. And there’s not a problem with doing that, but it becomes an issue when ... Read More »

Quenchables: Skyrim Patch 1.04 Now Live


The promised Skyrim patch 1.04 is now live on Xbox 360. It weighs in at 10 MB, and features tons of fixes you can see here. The PS3 version won’t be out until next week, as Bethesda only yesterday sent it in to be certified by Sony. Your Quenchable for the day. Read More »