Monday, April 28, 2014
Battlefield 3 Patch 1.04 Forces Players To Re-download Back To Karkand

Battlefield 3 Patch 1.04 Forces Players To Re-download Back To Karkand

Battlefield 3 patch 1.04 is now live on PS3, but if you’re expecting to get into some Back To Karkand action straightaway, think twice. You’ll have to re-download the map pack all over again.

That’s the prompt I got upon downloading patch 1.04, so I simply started the process, clicked on “download in background”, and continued playing. There’s also a few more options available from the multiplayer menu, including the option to rent you own server, Leaderboads, My Servers and more.

Catch patch notes here.

DICE hasn’t given a firm release date for the PC and Xbox 360 versions of patch 1.04, however as soon as it happens, you’ll be among the first to know.

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  • nick

    so sad how DICE has turned what could of been one of 2011s best games into one of the generations biggest clusterfucks!

  • foxton

    this is definitley one of 2011′s best games, infact IMO it probably is. Fair play to Dice to listening to the people and rectifying issues players have had. The fact that they have even put a quit option at the game lobby is really cool too.
    Its a shame you have to redownload the DLC pack, and im sure its no coinicidence whilst you go to download it it tries to sell you unlock shortcuts! I managed to do a couple of the assignment objectives yesterday but because the DLC not completed downloading it didnt count :(
    But im loving the patch update, the USAS has finally been nerfed, the maps look so much better and it seems much more fun to play, looks like a lot of people have come back to it after the patch update too, every game i joine was full, whereas before other than conquest on metro youd be lucky to get a full 24 player game

  • nick

    so how do you explain the game running worse now 5 months after release, then the freaking alpha code did!?
    and mind you then there were 0 AU servers live so i had to play on US servers, and even then there was less LAG and issues then there is now!

  • foxton

    i play this game every day and it is not running worse now 5 months after release, definintily not. This may be different in Australia but its definitley all good here in England :p