Wednesday, September 10, 2014
Join Games Thirst’s Battlefield 3 Server

Join Games Thirst’s Battlefield 3 Server

Since Battlefield 3 patch 1.04 went live, the rent ‘your own server’ option has been causing many problems as admins do as they please with the servers they rented. They’ll ban you if you’re playing too good, and change all preset options to fit their needs. And there’s not a problem with doing that, but it becomes an issue when said servers are added to normal rotation and gamers looking for a decent preset game can’t find one. That being the case, I decided to rent a server for all Games Thirst BF3 fans.

There, all matches will be set to preset standards, so we all can have some decent, unadulterated BF3 fun. Like the sound of that? Awesome. Search for BF3 server and you’ll be set.

Thank me later.

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  • foxton

    nice job! will there be a rotation of the game tyoe withi the server? i.e. a mixture of rush and conquest? sometimes i dont mind if the tickets number is increased slightly, as long as the game is balanced the extra long games can be very fun.
    Have you not thought about creating a GT platoon??!

  • Ernice Gilbert

    Yeah, there’ll be a normal rotation, and for Conquest, I’ll up the tickets a bit for, RUSH remains preset. I’ll def create a platoon!

  • linglingjr

    I got all excited then oh… consoles

  • Ernice Gilbert

    Sorry, linglinjr!

  • foxton

    nice, yeah tickets for rush need to stay the same. Ok ill no doubt see you on the battlefield over the weekend. Now no kicking me when i beat your a$$ lol :)

  • Ernice Gilbert

    Haha! The war is ON!

  • Kenshin

    On what system is the server on ?

  • Ernice Gilbert


  • Mezzo

    Damn, this is awesome. Lets get some games going later today.

    (I think Rush tickets should be bumped to 150/200 atleast, I’ve seen that it encourages more members to join).