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The Reasons Why PS3 Is The Best Console In Gaming History

The Reasons Why PS3 Is The Best Console In Gaming History

Stay with me…

I’ve been there. I’ve been there when Gameboy was the the portable console of choice and Nintendo was ubiquitous in living rooms. Let’s take it further, and stay with me… I was there when Atari ruled the day, and those days were fun. Game Gear was amazing, battery-sucking but amazing. Sega Genesis was untouchable (Rocket Knight Adventures, anyone?), Super Nintendo, Atari Jaguar, PSone, PS2 – and more. These consoles are the reasons why I’d pay extra cash for some remakes. But I’ve been pondering this for a bit. I’ve been thinking of past generations compared to this one, the seventh, and I’ve been asking myself which generation brought me the most fun. Which generation kept me hooked the most – when was I most involved in gaming? Then I analysed the consoles of each generation and asked myself, which console brought the complete package, and when was such a console realized? After thinking hard on this, really hard, I decided PS3 is the best console in gaming history.

You’re with me? Good… Here Are The Reasons Why…

The exclusives. There’s not one console on the market currently that even comes close to PS3 in the exclusives department. But what about past consoles? Didn’t PS2 have the biggest games library of all time? Yes, that’s true, but the quality of exclusive games that’s on PS3 is second to none. They’re also some of the highest rated and have helped revolutionize gaming. In fact, PS3 boasts the biggest first-party games library to date. It’s so diverse you’d lose focus trying to name them all:

LittleBigPlanet – platformer revolutionized

Uncharted – Third-person shooter taken to another level

inFamous – Open World redefined

Resistance 2 – first console game to boast 30vs30 multiplayer action

Heavy Rain – Created its own genre


Killzone 2 – first-person shooter on a level its own

And these titles are just scratching the service: God of War 3, Motorstorm Apocalypse, GT5, SOCOM and so much more. It’s not even a question, when it comes to games, PS3 rules. Period.

The hardware: Under the hood: People always speak about the negatives of Sony releasing PS3 one year later than Xbox 360, but there are many positives that came with the move, one of them being the PS3′s power – it’s the most powerful videogame console, ever. Because of it, PS3 exclusives are the most impressive games to grace this generation. They’re the most advanced visually, and also performs better than the rest. As of now, Killzone 3 is arguably the best looking game on consoles.

Online Gaming: PSN: Now, let’s be honest. PSN has nothing on Xbox Live – but that’s another story. The PS3 was Sony’s first console to embrace online gaming, and compared to Microsoft’s flagship service, you won’t have to pay-to-play on the PlayStation Network. From big name games like Call of Duty, to racing simulators like Gran Turismo 5, PSN offers the most diverse library of games to enjoy online. And it’s free!

All that other stuff:

Apart from being a gaming machine, PS3 is everything else. It’s true, the console only does everything. From playing Blu-Ray to helping find a cure for cancer, PS3 does it all. Netflix is on there, Hulu and more services incoming, Sony made sure it packed the black box with enough technology to be able to stand the test of time. They’ve accomplished that.

And so it may not be the bestselling console this generation, and may end up in last place, but none of what held the PS3 back is able to deny the console the crown it so duly deserve.

The next generation is upon us, and yet another battle will be raged between the big three. What will PS4 be like? We have no idea. We do know one thing, however, and that’s whatever it will be like, PS3 will be the console to beat.

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  • foxton

    couldnt agree more, with everything you said, however i feel some people may argue that xbox has some awesome exclusives…..

  • Ernice Gilbert

    @foxton: oh yes, 360 has great exclusive games but its library pales in comparison PS3. Of course Halo and Gears are great – but the vast amount of games on PS3 means it’s in a class all its own.


    I agree the best console is the PlayStation 3. I think a lot of us grew up with Nintendo but i didn’t get into gaming until the PlayStation came along and even more after the PlayStation 2.

  • Ernice Gilbert

    @gossip: That’s a good point. Nintendo really got things kicking.

  • Joseph Garrett

    I think that if PS3 came out before Xbox it would have destroyed in sales.

  • nick

    ps2 will always be my favourite console.
    not only because the sheer number of exclusives it got, but also because of the sheer number of titles it got!
    theres a reason why it became, and still is the best selling console of all time!
    had much better games too!
    give me R&C 3 up your arsenal, RE4, DMC3, batman begins, bond series, kill switch, GOW1, crash.
    over any ps3 game any day of the week!
    ps1 was good, but it did not have the sheer number of games the ps2 had.
    ps1 was hit and miss too, some games were freaking awesome others were terrible.
    ps2 though most, not all, but most of the titles were truly magnificent!
    i actually still got a few old ps2s in the garage the original and slim models from when i use to have a repair company.
    id pull them out and use them if i could find some games for them, but its impossible to find ps2 games here, and when you do there so scratched they wont play!

  • Ernice Gilbert

    PS2 was great in many ways, including library ect… PS3 packs a full punch, though.

  • nick

    titles are just no where near as fun as what they use to be.
    so so many titles i adored on ps2, but the amount of titles i loved on ps3 could be counted on 1 hand!
    darksiders, AC2, infamous, heavy rain, and of course the portal series.
    plenty of good games, but very few games i truly love and could spend years on end playing!
    as i said, not only did the ps2 have the biggest line up, but its the only console which released so many flawless games!
    almost every game this gen, no matter how good they are can be picked and poked.
    as much as i love RAGE, i dont love it because theres parts of it that drive me nuts!
    same goes for deus ex human revolution.
    ps2 games did not do that to me, it was truly the first and only system where the majority of its games were flawless to me.
    GOW1, DMC, FF, J&D, R&C, PoP and sly cooper for example.
    not a single thing i would change about those games!
    very few games i could say that about this gen.
    actually, none i think.
    darksiders puzzles were a bit boring, dragged on for a while, there not very well brought out theres not enough clues.
    AC2 had wonky controls.
    infamous is probably the closest to perfection, but the controls and bugs just really hurt the experience.
    heavy rain had gaping holes, plot made no sense, ending was hardly believable, characters felt plastic no emotions to them, ethan and his son were the only relateable ones every other character felt shoehorned in.
    and portal series, well portal 1 the puzzles were a bit obscure.
    a good puzzle game has hard puzzles to solve, but hints to them well.
    portal did not do that, it had so few clues, and the clues really did not really help much.
    portal 2 removed that problem, but it lost the speed and platforming puzzles of what made the original so great.
    instead of creating a portal up high on a roof, then plummeting down and shooting a portal in the floor to shoot you across the room.
    portal did that, portal 2 just used propulsion and repulsion gel.
    which one is more fun?
    exactly, portal 1!
    many great games this gen, but all flawed in some way and thats whats hurt my enjoyment of them, and thats why i have to say the ps2 is the best console ever released!
    simply because allot of its games just did not have those problems.
    another thing thats destroying this gens games for me is this attitude of we have to change the sequel otherwise it wont be innovative enough.
    best example is the uncharted series, each title has been so different from the last.
    why do sequels have to be so different?
    thats whats destroying my enjoyment of games this gen, they just feel too different from the games you know and love.
    ps2 did not have those problems, each sequel was almost identical to its predecessor yet managed to innovate and push the genre forward.
    that is the ONLY reason why i wish we could have new consoles now.
    i really feel that developers would go back to the old way and we would start getting games like the ps2 instead of games like today.

  • CaribbeanCLANK

    The PS2 was an amazing console…the games were just crazy. I will not even try to list the games that made this console amazing for me. For me the PS2 was and still is the best console of all times but the PS3 does come in at a very close second place. And the only reason that PS3 doesn’t come in first place is the game. Not so much the quality but the quantity of exclusive titles. Feature wise…the PS3 is king and the games we have seen so far are amazing.