Sunday, February 1, 2015

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive First Batch Of Screens Released

Valve has released the first set of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive screens, the online-only shooter that’ll see a release early next year, and we’re not sure what to make of them. I mean, they look alright but man, compared to today’s shooters, the screens look rather poor. Then again, Counter-Strike never was about visuals. Have a look.

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  • CaribbeanCLANK

    The screen shots look ok but I will not judge this game until I see some gameplay footage

  • nick

    looks decent, gotta remember this is a MMO so its never going to be giving BF3 a run for its money!
    i just wish valve could hurry up and get this out the door so they can give us some half life news!
    seriously, come on the wait is getting unbearable!

  • Ernice Gilbert

    True. It could look a tad better man.