Saturday, September 6, 2014

Complete The Objectives!

This is a rant. A multiplayer, first-person shooter rant.

I play FPS games all the time, and recently, I’ve been spending most of my time having at Killzone 3. The third installment in the long-running franchise is, in my opinion, the best yet – especially its multiplayer component. It comes ready with three game types: 1) Guerrilla Warfare – basically team death match. 2) Operations – teams battle to complete objectives, ISA on the offensive while the Helghast defends. The players who perform the best are featured in cinematic cutscenes depicting their successes. 3) And finally there’s Warzone – multiple games of team death match, search and destroy, search and retrieve and more. The winning team’s the one with the most wins out of 7.

But man, have I been irate with some players. Whether it’s in Operations or Warzone, some players only go after kills, leaving the important part, winning, to a select few just so they could brag about K/D ratio to their friends, and rank high on scoreboards. But this is rubbish, I swear I’ll mark these guys usernames and make sure I avoid being on teams with them, because it’s totally frustrating.

I’ll never forget once in Operations mode, we were the ISA, playing on the map Frozen Dam, the first stage, that I had the spawn points secured and was taking out Helghasts as soon as they rear their heads out of their sole location, and all we needed was for one person to plant the charges to blow our way through to the next level. But it never happened. The frustration! The guys who were supposed to be handling the situation were camping in some hole waiting for a kill or two, or three. Madness.

Come on! Let’s do this. Let’s win! Let’s, for the love of God, play! It’s a game, let’s do the objectives and have fun. I’m certain some people take this way too seriously, and it’s not only in Killzone 3…..

Don’t even mention Black Ops. I’ve left the game for the very reason.

It all happened in a game of Domination on the map launch. We had the game, I just knew it. The competition was no competition. They couldn’t handle the pressure. But we were losing the flags! Yes! I was like, ‘what’!? I simply could not understand why our team had more kills but was losing the game itself. Answer was simple: guys were hunting kills instead of completing objectives.

I left the sorry game.

I’ll try my best to peer with like-minded gamers in the future, scoping out their profiles, getting to know them before we can actually game together. Because believe me, once you manage to forge a clan with gamers who go after objectives, and are like-mined, you’ll be unstoppable online.

Rant over.

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  • afrotravis

    i feel u….

  • Ernice Gilbert

    Man, thanks! It could get very, very frustrating. But thanks for bros like you man! When we play we rule!

  • linglingjr

    Yeah man i know exactly what you mean. Sice the main mp game i play is bfbc2 the biggest example is snipers on the attacking team that sit in our spawn and do nothing but try to get super long head shots. I mean if 3 members of your team do that your team is now 25% underpowered. It sucks

  • nick

    one thing developers REALLY need to get a handle on!
    thats one thing i hope DICE have fixed for the beta of BF3.
    allot of people were complaining on the forums that theres really no incentive to do the objectives, everyone was just cover camping and sniping people.
    they promised there working on a fix, lets see how well it fixes it.
    another thing they really need to implement is ranked freaking servers!
    no seriously, something so simple i cant believe its not done yet!
    hows a level 1 with no equipment, or upgrades suppose to compete with the guys who have much stronger weapons and much more armour/health?
    tis why i stopped playing KZ3, i just got sick of spending more time at loading screens then actually playing the game!
    i cant understand why the maps are not ranked, i mean something so simple and so important!

  • Ernice Gilbert

    @Linglinjr: Yes, it’s extremely annoying man. I sometimes shoot at my teammates to send a point across. Can you imagine one guy just sitting in one spot for all of a game? Man it’s extremely annoying!

  • Ernice Gilbert

    @Nick: Well I hope they do! Because I’d not last long in such games!

  • wicken

    This happens in every game, nobody cares about the objectives it’s always about the kills. I enjoyed playing with you Ernice but after all this time i’m bored, i don’t want to spend lots of months just to reach lvl 45.

  • Ernice Gilbert

    I know what you mean. I enjoyed the games too, bro! Same thing I was thinking…it takes too long to get to 45 – although I’ll be at 44 maybe today. But yeah you’re right. I think I’ll move on to Modern Warfare 3 or Battlefield 3. Whichever one tickles my fancy.

  • rpatricky

    What they should do is not count the kills or deaths in objective games only….At ALL! So if you feel like just killing then no one will even see it. Not in your stats or at the end of the game.
    It may, or may not, work but still worth a try.

  • Ernice Gilbert

    I like the idea. But they would need to count the points.

  • rpatricky

    I think that only counting objective points would be better. If it is a matter of leveling up then make objective points more to counterbalance the lack of kill points.

  • Ernice Gilbert

    That makes sense. I love to see the points rake up for killing the enemy though….. But it’s an idea that would do more good than harm.