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RAGE On PS3 Runs Just Fine

by Ernice Gilbert on August 9th, 2011, under Bethesda, FPS, Hot, News, PC, Xbox 360

Talk has been circulating the web concerning the PS3 version of RAGE ever since John Carmack’s keynote at QuakeCon 2011, but the developer, id Software, insists nothing is wrong with said version, and insists there’ll be no difference across platforms.

“We also had RAGE running on PS3 in the press room [at QuakeCon] for folks to do their previews,” said marketing chief Pete Hines to D’toid. “We are very pleased with the PS3 version of RAGE. One of the cornerstones of the new idTech5 technology is that all assets are identical across all platforms. The experience that players have will be the same on all three platforms.”

At least on consoles it’ll be the same experience, but PC gamers get the game’s mod tools from day one, an advantage that’ll surely make the PC community smile. But I’m good with the console version of the shooter, as do many other gamers I’m sure.


  1. Wed, 10th Aug 2011 at 7:55 am

    this is seriously getting out of hand, everytime a games shown if a specific platform is missing then everyone runs for the stores and batters up the shelters its the apocalypse!
    god, can we please have 1 press event where a games shown and a platform is missing and the public dont twist it into some conspiracy!?
    im really starting to feel sorry for developers, no matter what they do they get their heads bitten off!
    wont be surprised if press events start being strictly press events to avoid all this crap.
    my god, just because the ps3 version was not shown at quakecon does not mean it sucks!
    god give me patients with these people!!!!!

  2. Wed, 10th Aug 2011 at 12:13 pm

    Ha. I know how you feel there, Nick. I know how you feel. I’m getting RAGE either way.

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