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Killzone 3 Is Poorest Selling Title In Franchise History On PS3

Guerrilla Games and Sony must be thinking a few things at the moment. Firstly, ‘what went wrong’, and secondly, ‘what should we do with the Killzone franchise’. That’s because after being dubbed PS3′s best shooter, generating hype more than any other, Killzone 3 is still the franchise’s poorest selling title on PS3, failing to crack the 2 million sold mark after being on the market for five months.

Killzone 2 sold a satisfying 2,660,415 units worldwide, prompting Sony to order a sequel immediately, after it was apparent the shooter had become a success. There was a loyal fanbase of gamers who played the game’s mp faithfully for years, a very vocal crowd, I might add. But Killzone 2 received a lot of heat for its “weighty” controls, and other complaints, so in an effort to appease the masses, the developer took a new route with the game.

Many things were changed. Guerrilla Games even promised a better story than the first, but the full result was disappointing to many fans. I love Killzone 3 and play it everyday. I think the MP is the best out there, but many fans are displeased with what GG’s done to the shooter, and the numbers don’t lie.

Killzone 3′s sold just over 1.6 million copies worldwide after being on the market for five months. And although the numbers are decent, for a title like Killzone 3, it’s rather poor. Will Guerrilla Games do yet another sequel? because signs are pointing elsewhere, and why didn’t more people buy the game? Was it because of the so many changes? Bulletstorm was also released on the same day, did that matter? Lots of questions, but bottom line is, Killzone 3 remains the poorest selling title on PS3 in the franchise’s history.

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  • ChronoJoe

    16 weeks past launch Killzone 3 is sitting on 1.67m figures, at that time Killzone 2 was sitting on 1.7, these figures are practically identical. Based on sales trends it looks like Killzone 3 will outsell Killzone 2 overtime as Killzone 3 is saw smaller initial uptake but higher figures week on week, post launch figures, over Killzone 2.

    Article is very missleading, really. You suggest KZ3 is a failure relative to the successes of it’s predecessor, yet this isn’t true at all. The Killzone franchise itself is a failure relative to the successes of other mainstream FPS however the titles in the franchise on PS3 have both seen relatively equal success.

  • newyearnewrule

    @ChronoJoe. I didn’t see where the site says Killzone 3 was a failure. In fact they said it was one of the best out there. You have to admit though, when Killzone 2 came out, PS3′s install base was barely 30 million and it sold over 2.5 million copies. When PS3 came out, the install base was 46 million! The game has failed. And I believe it’s because Guerrilla Games changed too much.

  • newyearnewrule

    It had a gigantic budget that dwarfed pretty much every other game out there, the 2nd game was pretty much confirmed to have an 80M budget, in comparison Gears of war 2 had a 10M budget, Uncharted 2 had a 15M budget.

    GG are a very average dev with gigantic support and resources provided by Sony, without there gigantic support and funding they’d be nothing. I mean look at there games prior to sony being Shellshock Nam 97 which got on average 5/10 reviews, prior to that they made shitty game boy games like spongebob.

    GG are mediocre devs. They had all the resources they could possibly need, a luxury no other dev really has, Killzone 2 and 3 should have been far far far greater then they turned out to be be.

    Sony should just give the series to a creditable developer.

  • Ernice Gilbert

    @Chrono: Never said the game failed, but compared to Killzone 2 and considering PS3′s install base both then and now, Killzone 3′s failed in the sales arena. I love it, though. Play that game everyday~

  • ChronoJoe

    Install base isn’t going to make that much difference, the people of the same 45mil install base still had opportunity to buy Killzone 2 if they wanted to – too.

    I don’t even like the game, but I’m sure GG are pretty happy with it’s performance. If you want to critisize the performance of a PS3 AAA title then take a look at LBP2 or Motorstorm Apocalypse.

  • doa766

    Franchise history = KZ1, KZ2, KZ3, KZ: Liberation
    Franchise history on PS3 = KZ2, KZ3.
    Release date of KZ2 = February 27, 2009
    Release date of KZ3 = February 22, 2011

    You’re complaining about “franchise history sales on PS3″, when it only includes TWO games? When KZ2 has been out for over 2 years, and KZ3 hasn’t even been out for 6 months?

    Seriously, this is just pathetic.

  • doa766

    is Halo Reach also the poorest selling title on 360 in the franchise’s history?

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  • manzoorboy06

    I like how this website stole the logo for Gatorade.

  • Ernice Gilbert


  • Ernice Gilbert

    @manzoorboy06 – that was funny! haha. We didn’t steal anything from no one. lol. That was good.

  • Ernice Gilbert

    @Doa766: Eh, who’s complaining?

  • nick

    thats what happens when you change so much.
    developers need to grow some balls, and stick to there guns!
    constantly changing things because some people dont like it is never going to solve any problems!
    look at assassins creed, so many people complained that the cut scenes after killing a target were too long.
    so they cut it from the series.
    as soon as 2 came out, everyone complained that the cut scenes were so short.
    as the saying goes, you cant please everyone.
    so might as well stick to what you got, what your originally did, because at least you got a fanbase out there.
    the talking did not help either, they made so many promises and really did not deliver on any of them.
    3D support wad mediocre, move implication is seriously fidgety, and wheres the color?
    the biggest complaint people had with 2 was the game had a 2 color pate.
    yea 3 has a jungle sequence, and snow, but its not enough.
    its like adding sprinkles to a turd.
    makes it slightly better, but your not going to eat it now are you?
    they seriously need to inject some fun into the game!
    getting rid of this 2 or 3 weapon limitation BS would seriously help!
    i mean why cant we have a weapon wheel?
    ok its not realistic, but so what?
    since when do games have to be realistic?
    since when did we stop playing games to escape reality, and start playing them to replicate it?
    i thought we play games to do things we could never do in real life, not to be confined by things we could not do in real life.

  • Ernice Gilbert

    Agreed. I loved Killzone 2 and never understood all the crying. Shame things turned out like they did.

  • CaribbeanCLANK

    A lot of devs these days seem to make bad decisions when it comes to their big franchises. KZ3 is a good game but there was something about KZ2 that made it special.

  • Ernice Gilbert

    @CLANK: Very true. I think they listened to Call of Duty crybabies cries too much…..and in the process, lost many fans. It’s a shame. I love the KZ franchise. So this is a “crying” shame.

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  • foxton

    This is what ive been saying from the start! KZ2 best FPS ever, KZ3 Epic fail. (this is my opinion obviously) These stats prove that. I hope they do bring out a KZ4, if they do i will bet my house that they revert back to more of a kz2 feel and make it as adaptable as the 2nd one. I really hope they learn from this and listen to the people who gave them the money to fund a 3rd one, not the idiot COD fans who will diss any other FPS game no matter what simply because its not COD!
    N Ernice, you say youve played KZ2 mp before? im assuming its with a different PSN ID as your stats for GT maestro or whatever your name is are non existant :)

  • Ernice Gilbert

    Yes, but not on Maestro. Maestro was only recently made with Gamesthirst..

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  • James

    Poorest selling title in the franchise on the ps3?
    How does that make any sense? It was only the second title of em this generation.

    It’s making it sound like there was a whole trilogy of Killzone before Killzone 3.
    The sales aren’t as impressive as Killzone 2, but it still sold well eventually.

    Don’t know who thought out a title like this, but it’s extremely exaggerate, but i didn’t expect much better from media.