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Modern Warfare 3: New Killstreaks, Team Perks Details Unleashed

Activision did good when it managed to turn the Modern Warfare 3 leak into a “win”, by stirring triple the amount of interest there was for Black Ops and way more than Modern Warfare 2. But now tons of details of the game has been leaked via Kotaku, and although some stand to change because it’s the multiplayer portion of the game, and developers can make tweaks here and there before the shooter goes on sale, what you’re about to behold below the break will most likely be part of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3′s multiplayer.

The biggest addition to MW3′s multiplayer is a feature dubbed Team Perks: “These are perks that a team can work toward to earn. It is unclear whether this will be tied to clans or some other team system, but their inclusion could help push the game into a more team-driven title, something the premium Elite service is likely to tie into,” wrote Kotaku.

While there may be more, here’s the four of them:

Stopping Power: Increased bullet damage.
Blast Shield: Unclear
Health Regen: Regenerate health over time.
Stun Protection: Prevent stunning from flash grenades.

New Perks coming to Modern Warfare 3 are:

Blind Eye: This makes you immune to computer-controlled and player-controlled killstreaks. The pro version makes your launchers lock on faster and gives you extra bullet damage to vehicles.
Assassin: This makes you immune to UAV, thermal, and heartbeat sensors. The pro version also makes you immune to CUAV, EMP and no longer shows your name in red or the crosshair in red when you’re targeted.
Point Guard: Every two assists count as a kill towards your killstreak.
Dead Silence: You make no noise.
Recon: Gives you a special kind of radar to spot enemies, most likely.

New Killstreaks:

EMP Grenade: Temporarily takes out all area electronics.
Littlebird: A small-manned helicopter that can controlled and used to gun down enemies. [Updated]
Precision Airstrike: Calls in an airstrike on a targeted area.
Stealth bomber: Calls in a B2 Spirit to carpet bomb along a line designated by the player.
Remote Turret: A remote controlled turret.
Directional UAV: A UAV that can be directed into areas to scan for enemies.
Remote Mortar: Direct a mortar team using a zoomable camera view of the map to call in strikes.
Airdrop Trap: A booby-trapped airdrop.
Ammo Resupply: An ammo reloading airdrop.
Escort Airdrop: A protected airdrop.
Specialist Strike Package: Unknown

Robert Bowling, Infinity Ward’s community boss tweeted that some of the aforementioned are false: “Lots of false #MW3 info being reported as fact,” he said. “There is no Stopping Power, OMA, Commando, or Nukes. Beyond that, you’ll have to wait & see.”

We’ll keep you posted as more unfolds.


  1. Fri, 3rd Jun 2011 at 5:15 am

    it wasnt a leak, it was a PR stunt!
    as i said before, EB had the leaflets to preorder MW3 even before the leak came out!
    i think not!
    antivision have been planing this for months, and its brilliant!

  2. Fri, 3rd Jun 2011 at 6:43 am

    Yep, brilliant execution….

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