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Geohot: “PS3 Got Owned”

by Ernice Gilbert on April 16th, 2011, under Hot, News, PS3, Sony

The case is now over, the dust has settled, and once again PS3 hacker and root key exposer George “Geohot” Hotz is talking loud on his blog. What’s the new show? Well he’s donated $10,000 to the EFF, with hopes that “America can one day again be a shining example of freedom, free of the DMCA and ACTA, and that private interest will never trump the ideas laid out in the constitution of privacy, ownership, and free speech”.

But that’s not all. What really brings pleasure to Geohot is that, according to him, the “PS3 got owned”.

“At the end of the day, something I take comfort in. The PS3 got OWNED,” he said in a post on his blog. “Once the code works they’ll never be able to take it away from us.”

“Will you be continuing your work on Sony products anonymously? Nah. As much as I don’t respect the goons at Sony, I do respect the court,” he added.

“Will future research on Sony products be chilled? Nah. If you piss them off enough for them to pull out the legal team and their million dollar checkbook, worst thing that happens is you have to super swear to never do it again.”

Geohot also thinks Sony will fail miserably at securing the next generation PlayStation, and that the folks who were responsible for the PS3′s security probably got fired. He also questioned the NGP’s security, and whether it’ll be sustainable.

“Will Sony do a better job with security next time? LOL, I think they’ll do a lot worse. It wouldn’t surprise me if the people who did PS3 security were fired. And I’m curious as to who Sony is hiring for NGP security. Lawyers? Get the code to sign a contract that it won’t have exploits?

You shouldn’t piss off the community of people who are actually talented at this stuff. Hell, maybe you even pissed off your engineering employees enough to leave some nice backdoors?”

Meanwhile, Anonymous, the hacktivist group, is planning a sit-in at Sony stores around the world in protest of the firm’s actions against Geohot.


  1. Sat, 16th Apr 2011 at 3:46 pm

    So he wants to get rid of the DMCA. That means he wants the ability to do whatever he wants to any digital ip that is made. What a selfish prick. Also, if you respect the court in this case, then you have respect Sony. The courts would not rule against you if Sony did not have a case. If you hate one, then you need to hate the other. The second he makes something and people start taking it and stealing and doing other things to it, and there is no DMCA, then he will cry foul and ask why no one is protecting his property. Get over yourself. Whatever, I could write a lot more about this, but in the end he lost, Sony won, and he is just butthurt about it.

  2. Sat, 16th Apr 2011 at 7:35 pm

    I see GeoHot still hasn’t stopped being a lying douche.

    If anybody got “owned”, it was him. He got nothing done, and only used everyone’s donation money to get himself out of trouble. Anybody remember the “If they try to settle, here’s a laundry list of things I’ll demand before making concessions?” Yeah, looks like those magically never happened.

    Meanwhile, GeoHot continues to spin his ego out of proportion and claim victory after he ran away with his tail tucked in between his legs. He completely bailed out on what could’ve been a precedent-setter, gets no credit.

    Fail GeoHot. Try again, this time actually accomplishing something instead of using donation money to get your ass out of trouble.

  3. Sat, 16th Apr 2011 at 10:27 pm

    Geohot…GO TO HELL!! If I knew where this punka$$ kid was I would molly whop him. Hack your own stuff,but dont make it public!

  4. Sun, 17th Apr 2011 at 3:55 am

    yea, good luck with that!
    until the day comes where money cant buy the courts thats never going to happen!
    funny how laws designed to protect peoples rights can be twisted to infringe on them!

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