Saturday, September 13, 2014

Killzone 3 Sold “Well” In The U.S. Last Month

Although we didn’t see Killzone 3 in the NPD’s top 10 selling games for the month of March, the group has said that Guerrilla Games latest effort did sell well, and would have made the top ten had it been ranked on a SKU unit sales ranking basis.

“Now that we’re reporting on games at the title rather than SKU level, it’s important to note several that sold well and would have made the top 10 on a SKU unit sales ranking basis. Those include Just Dance 2 on Wii, Killzone 3 on PS3, and Zumba Fitness on Wii,” said David Riley in the monthly release.

So sales should be heading towards the 2 million sold mark soon, a number that should secure fans another sequel.

Killzone 2 sold 2.5 million copies worldwide, and expect the latest installment to surpass that number.

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  • ExclusivesMostly

    Yep it’ll do ok. I downloaded the Map pack via PS+ for FREE. Tried it the other night and I loved both of them.

  • benzo

    I loved KZ3. ExclusiveMostly, give me opinion on PS+. Debating on whether its worth it…thank you in advance

  • nick

    id love to see a reboot of the series, turn it up on its head and give us something totally different.
    maybe fight from the higs side this time, GG have always made them look like the good guys so i wont be surprised if that happens one day.

  • Ernice Gilbert

    Yeah, I’d love to play as the Helghast busting lead into ISA scum… I”m serious.

  • nick

    i wish they would go more into the history of the higs and ISA relationship.
    why in KZ1 the ISA invaded vetka and kicked the higs off, and why the higs decided to choose helghan as there new home, and why the ISA are so hell bent on eradicating them all!

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  • dallasbs

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