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Not Too Sure About Getting A PS3? MAG Will Make You Buy One Says Sony

by Ernice Gilbert on January 13th, 2010, under Playstation 3

MAG, the 256 online first person shooter will be available later this month. Sony believes the title is so good that if you don’t own a PS3, MAG will be your reason to buy one; big talk.
“MAG is a very important IP for us, and definitely a key exclusive for PS3,” SCEE UK product manager, Phil Lynch told MCV magazine via CVG. “MAG is a real statement of intent for us to engage fans of FPS games.
“With the successful Resistance along with Killzone 2 and now MAG, we feel we are a viable choice for gamers looking that much from their console. MAG will definitely be one of the many tipping points for those who haven’t got a PS3 to get this one this January.
Lynch continued: “Our sales expectations for MAG are high. Thanks to the massive success of titles like Modern Warfare, Killzone 2, and Resistance, FPS as a genre has become much more accessible to everyone.
“Allied to this, I think MAG’s unique selling points of unparalleled scale and ground breaking player command structure will really make it stand out against the competition.”
Is MAG on your list of games to purchase? Let us know.

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