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Dear Microsoft, Why Have You Abandoned Me?

by Ernice Gilbert on March 10th, 2011, under Articles, Hot, Microsoft, News, Xbox 360

I used to love you for many reasons. You were the new kid on the block and had a no-holes-barred feel to your style. Buying exclusives, stealing some away from the competition. Making great Halo games and Gears of War was king. Your console, the one that I love, was once known as the hardcore system, but now, like a plant that blossomed in its day and died with the passing of time, the Xbox 360′s hardcore crowed, one I’m a part of, has been abandoned. Microsoft’s new love is Kinect and I’m left asking a question only a neglected child would ask: Microsoft, why on God’s earth did you abandoned me?

After all, it was hardcore who made you what you are today in the gaming space.