Monday, September 15, 2014

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Fan remakes FF VII in 2D


And the result looks awesomely retro. Unearthed by Kotaku, Lucas Brown is an Australian web developer who is building a 2D version of the RPG classic. Because screw HD remakes, y’all, you bored him out. Brown says he’s remade the menu and battle systems in “excruciating detail,” and he’s hoping to have at least the first mission finished and playable ... Read More »

Report: Gran Turismo movie in development


Long-running (woo pun) racing franchise Gran Turismo is getting a movie, a report from The Wrap claims, which will be based on the 70-million selling racing simulator. The Social Network and Fifty Shades of Grey producers Mike de Luca and Dana Brunetti have signed on to the project, the report claims. With DreamWorks working on a Need for Speed movie, ... Read More »

Rumor: Playstation 4 dev kits distributed, more specs inside


Anonymous sources have reportedly told VG247 that new dev kit versions for the Orbis console are being distributed, with Blu-ray support and inside regular PC cases. The first dev kit, which appeared earlier this year, was almost just a graphics card, while this version is now a “modified PC”. The report asserts that the next dev kits will come in January, ... Read More »

Sony’s GamesCom conference [Live Updates]


As done hours ago with EA’s conference, we will be covering Sony’s conference from Germany’s Cologne, at GamesCom. A timestamp will be placed over each message for easier reference and understanding of the flow. Be sure to refresh your page every couple of minutes, in order to get the most updated list of news! [Start, all times are GMT +2 ... Read More »

Huge Playstation Collections coming soon


Playstation 3 is getting huge collections, and this is just the start! As Sony announced, we’ll get our hands on 3 collections that pack quite a lot of stuff, and give you more than your money’s worth. While we know what Ratchet & Clank Trilogy (Collection in NA) includes, the brand new God of War and inFamous collections are intriguing. ... Read More »