Wednesday, April 10, 2013

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Ninja Theory Teasing New Game

heavenly sword

Ninja Theory’s latest game was the Devil May Cry reboot. A game that reviewed well but didn’t perform too good at retail, mostly because fans, most of them at least, didn’t like the direction Capcom had taken the franchise. The developer had, only a few years ago, completed development of Enslaved – and now they’re unto something else. Read More »

Ninja Theory Says It’s Not Working On Next-Gen Onimusha


A rumor we ran over the weekend claimed Ninja Theory has been tirelessly petitioning Capcom to bring to life a next-gen Onimusha title, however the developer’s taken to twitter in an effort to set the record straight, saying that they’re not working on an Onimusha title for next generation consoles. Read More »

Devil May Cry Fans Have Sent Death Threats To Ninja Theory


Devil May Cry isn’t your everyday, come-and-go franchise that if changes are made gamers won’t notice. No, the game’s one of the most beloved creations that fans hold close to their hearts. And although Ninja Theory’s Tameem Antoniades expected at least some backlash because of the direction they took with the DMC reboot, death threats didn’t cross his mind. Read More »