Friday, September 13, 2013

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Sony Apologizes For Grand Theft Auto 5 Leak


If you didn’t know, late last week Grand Theft Auto 5 files were leaked via PSN when Sony placed the digital copy of game up for preorder, where gamers would be able to download the title starting from September 13th, 4 days before its September 17th launch. But audio files were hacked by some savvy gamers from Europe (leak came ... Read More »

Call of Duty: Ghosts Is Next Game From Infinity Ward


As leaked by Tesco, and as was leaked months ago by various people over the internet, the next Call of Duty might be called Ghosts. The box art that  was leaked seems to suggest that, and considering it’s Infinity Ward’s turn to pump out a Call of Duty game this year, Ghosts doesn’t seem out of the question. We should ... Read More »

Captain Price Actor Said He Was Misunderstood


After a major leak last week left Infinity Ward scrambling to explain why it wasn’t true, Captain Price actor Bill Murray took to twitter himself to clarify the situation, saying the whole thing was a total mix up, because the game he was talking about is Call of Duty Online, and had nothing to do with Modern Warfare 4. Read More »

Xbox 720 Dev Kit Sold On Ebay For Over $20,000


For a long time now, there’s been this person who goes by the moniker SuperDae, who claims to have an Xbox 720 dev kit in his possession. The media believed him because the thing looks very authentic, but the story gets better. Apparently, someone, somewhere with loads of cash also believes SuperDae’s Xbox 720 dev kit is the real deal. ... Read More »

New Prince of Persia Reboot?

POP Zero

In the Ubisoft Official Forums, this photo was posted up by user blueobelix. Written at the bottom of the image is “POP_Zero_2″, because of this some have speculated that this is the first image of a Prince of Persia reboot called “Prince of Persia Zero.” Prince of Persia Zero was first referenced by Jacques-Belletete, an ex-Ubisoft art director, in 2010. ... Read More »

All Microsoft’s Xbox 720 Plans Leaked In Document

Xbox 720

The plans Microsoft has for its next Xbox which it’s actually calling “Xbox 720″, reveal tons of information, including the infamous always-online feature, Blu-Ray drive, and a machine that’s six times as powerful as the current Xbox, amongst other juicy details. Read More »

Rumor Water: Truckload Of Black Ops 2 Multiplayer Details Leaked

Black Ops 2

Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 is coming, there’s no doubt about it, and just like the COD games before it, leaks are making their way onto gaming’s web like a strainer trying to hold water. This time the leaks include the game’s entire multiplayer makeup, and like a good Samaritan we’ve gathered the full quencher for your drinking pleasure. Read More »

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