Saturday, September 6, 2014


Dead Island Riptide gets box art and release date


Dead Island Riptide has just been announced to hit store shelves on April 23rd in North America and April 26th globally for PC, Playstation 3 and Xbox 360. At launch, the game will receive a Special Edition with “tempting extras in your survival arsenal” including exclusive weapon mods, a digital strategy map and a unique character skin. Said edition will ... Read More »

Dead Island Riptide details made public


Apart from the name, we knew nothing about Techland’s next entry in the Dead Island franchise, until today. Today, in a press release, some sweet new details about the game have been revealed. “Having survived the ordeals of the zombie infestation on the once beautiful island resort of Banoi, our group of survivors thought they had finally found a safe ... Read More »

New Dead Stop trademark should be connected to Dead Island


Techland has filed a trademark for “Dead Stop”, which looks like it will be some kind of mobile game or application. The exact wording of the trademark is, “entertainment services and providing an online game via an application for mobile phones and other electronic apparatus.” While we have no idea on what Dead Stop is, we also have no idea ... Read More »

Games Thirst Review: Dead Island

Unnnggg! Unnnggg! Did you hear that? It’s……It’s….. a zombie game! Yes gamers, along comes another zombie game to add to your walking dead collection. With this quickly becoming saturated genre, it is up to the developers to create something different to distinguish them from the pack. With many zombie games becoming rehashes of the same old thing, the fun seems ... Read More »