Sunday, August 31, 2014
NY Times: A Theory Behind Surge in Xbox One Sales

NY Times: A Theory Behind Surge in Xbox One Sales

The New York Times has written an article on why it believes the Xbox One saw an uptick in sales in February. Read the full article below.

In January, Sony’s PlayStation 4 walloped Microsoft’s Xbox One console in sales, outselling it in the United States nearly two-to-one.

But in figures from February that were released Thursday afternoon by NPD, the retail tracking firm, the Xbox One nearly matched the United States sales of the PlayStation 4, selling more than 90 percent of the units that Sony sold of its new system. Because the Xbox One costs $100 more than Sony’s machine, Microsoft actually brought in more revenue than Sony did from its console, according to NPD.

The sudden narrowing of the unit sales gap between the two systems is curious. The huge buzz around Titanfall, an exclusive game for Microsoft devices, led to speculation that Microsoft would see a significant uptick in sales for the Xbox One.

But Titanfall wasn’t released until March 11, too late to be included in NPD’s February numbers. Perhaps people bought the new Xbox early in anticipation of Titanfall coming out?

Another compelling theory, expressed by several people in my Twitter feed, is that game shoppers may finally be getting fed up with the ongoing scarcity of the PlayStation 4. The new Sony system is difficult to find on store shelves, with retailers quickly burning through new supplies of the console as they get them. In a statement on Thursday, Guy Longworth, senior vice president of PlayStation brand marketing, used the term “severe inventory constraints” to describe how hard it is to find the system in stores.

Xbox Ones, in contrast, seem to be more plentiful. Clearly, many people who want a PlayStation 4 are going to wait until they can buy one. But if you’re not a ferocious Sony partisan, that Xbox One you can get immediately might be looking pretty attractive.

Sony is still well ahead of Microsoft in global sales. The company has said that it sold more than 6 million PlayStation 4s worldwide as of March 2. Microsoft shipped 3.9 million Xbox Ones through the end of 2013, the last time it released such a sales figure.

If Sony can simply make enough of its new product to meet the demand for it, it could once again sprint ahead of its competitor in monthly sales.

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