Friday, September 12, 2014
PS4 Still Destroying Xbox One On Amazon

PS4 Still Destroying Xbox One On Amazon

If Amazon is any indication of things to come, PS4 will handily win the next-gen sales war – and it’s clear that the console has garnered huge portion of positive mindshare since Sony’s big E3 in June.

The top selling videogames console for the past 30 days sees Sony’s PS4 sitting in number 1, 3, 4 and 11, while the only 1 Xbox One package available is lagging behind at No. 43!

Of course these charts fluctuate, but no one can deny that PS4 has been stumping all over the competition ever since it became available for preorder.

What’s the cause of this? Many things, including the massively bad Xbox One policies, all of which Microsoft’s now abandoned, but that didn’t change how people perceive the box. Another major drawback is Xbox One’s price which, at $499, is $100 more expensive than PS4.

So according to the Amazon charts, PS4 is:

#1. With Watch Dogs
#3. With Battlefield 4
#4. With no games
#11. With Killzone

While Xbox One is:

43. with no games.

These numbers must be frightening Microsoft, and it must be part of the reason the Redmond, Washington company has been reversing on its unpopular policies.

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