Monday, September 1, 2014
Xbox One Not Sold Out – Screenshot Proof

Xbox One Not Sold Out – Screenshot Proof

Microsoft announced on the night of its Xbox One worldwide launch that the console had sold 1 million units in 24hrs, and that they’d be working hard to to replenish stock as the console was sold out at most retailers. But some sites are reporting the opposite of what Microsoft is claiming, as Toys R Us and Best Buy seems to have an abundance of Xbox One stock — in a place you’d think the console would be completely sold out: New York City.

Here’s screenshot proof, captured by DualShockers reporter Al Zamora:

These same two stores say they have no PS4 units to sell as the console’s completely sold out. However it is rumored that these stores and others, including Walmart, have been stockpiling PS4s for the Black Friday sales rush, where it’s expected that Sony’s latest console will move another set of great numbers as gamers rush out to find deals.

The Black Friday season is also expected to be a big sales boost for Xbox One, but not hot as PS4. 

Why? Price, first and foremost. And then there’s the massive hype and goodwill that’s been encamping PS4 since its February, 2013 showing, and to a greater extent E3, 2013.

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  • HowlJenkins

    Lol, not surprising at all.

    Can’t wait for Sony to reach 3 million come this Friday for the launch in Europe and South America.

    Gonna blow Microsoft’s numbers out of the water.