Tuesday, September 2, 2014
Thirsty Conversations: Sales Game

Thirsty Conversations: Sales Game

“If PS4 tops X1 in US, how in the hell can they be so close worldwide when X1 has been released in less countries and when most of these countries are strongly pro-Sony? Something just feels wrong,” said one NeoGAF user.

Others echoed what he said, concerning the numbers Microsoft announced yesterday. Oh, you didn’t know? Microsoft said Xbox One sold 2 million units in 18 days, and said number immediately brought up all kinds of conversations, with people saying that the firm is blatantly lying so that it doesn’t seem like Xbox One has failed in the U.S. to beat Sony…. And others are saying that people should calm down.

But going back to the comment above, If Sony sold 1 million PS4s in North America in 24hrs and dominated the UK market, beating Xbox One sales by double — with other European nations seeing even bigger gaps in sales in PS4′s favor, how in the world are Xbox One and PS4 worldwide sales so close?

I mean, PS4 dominated the UK, dominated Germany, dominated Spain and every other European territory you could think of. Furthermore, Microsoft announced on November 22nd that it had sold 1 million Xbox Ones in 13 territories in 24 hours of launch. Sony sold the same amount in the U.S. alone…

Where the hell is this sudden 2 million units in 18 days coming from, when sales would have surely cooled down after the initial week of excitement…?

The NPD will release its numbers tonight and we’ll get a clearer view of how things panned out in said month in the U.S. We’ll have to pay attention to a few things:

1: How many units did PS4 sell in November, which is the month NPD will cover tonight, and how many did Xbox One sell.

2: Once identified, we’ll then gauge how fast the units sold and which console had the most momentum in said month, taking into account the one week lead PS4 had in November over Xbox One — and also its rarity, meaning accounts given by many gamers who said they literally couldn’t find PS4 anywhere, as all outlets were sold out. Was Sony able to replenish?

3: After these determinations have been solidified, we’ll know if Microsoft’s numbers are indeed what Microsoft says they are. And before anyone comes in here saying we should take Redmond’s word as gold, one only needs to look at this lawsuit, page 22, article 74. And these articles, too.

So let’s talk. Do it here: The Official Games Thirst House of Mathematics

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  • rpatricky

    It’s not like it really matters a whole lot but its just strange to see that there are Xbox Ones in stock at a major supplier like Amazon, especially when the numbers are so close.

  • Alex3fleming

    Sony did 2.1 million in 16 days so I think it seems fair