Monday, September 30, 2013
Xbox One DVR lets you record commentary for your game clips

Xbox One DVR lets you record commentary for your game clips

New cool featured revealed at Eurogamer Expo.

Microsoft’s Phil Harrison revealed a new feature for the Xbox One, and more specifically, its DVR functionality. You can record video commentary over pre-recorded game clips, something many will find useful.

Harrison also showed the system’s Upload Studio feature, which lets the player record “as much or as little” footage as they wish. They can later record commentary for the clip using the Kinect, which will played in a picture-to-pitcture view over the recorded clip. In addition, you can have these videos publicly available, share them with a few friends you choose, or just keep them private to satisfy your ego.

The Xbox One’s DVR functionality is limited to a 720p resolution and 30fps. Your clips are stored in the cloud, and can be found through the Xbox One Guide, in your DVR collection and on Gamercards. The ability to upload clips to Facebook and Youtube will be added “in 2014″.
Our take: I’ve some things planned for the future, and this feature only makes it easier for me. I think many will find it a neat addition.

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