Friday, August 23, 2013
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PS4 To Allow 2,000 Friends, Double The Amount On Xbox One

PS4 To Allow 2,000 Friends, Double The Amount On Xbox One

When Microsoft revealed the Xbox One in May, the company made known that gamers will be able to have up to 1,000 friends when the console launches in November, as compared to Xbox 360′s 100. Now, Sony’s revealed that PS4 will allow for 2,000 friends, a stunning 1,000 more than Xbox One, and almost 2,000 percent more than PS3 – which, just like Xbox 360, allowed for only 100 friends.

The news was confirmed by PlayStation Access in this video posted below:

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  • rpatricky

    Wow! Personally, whoopy doo. I don’t like to keep track of more than a dozen or so anyways.

  • ernicegilbert

    It’s a lot, I agree! Definitely a lot.

  • Bryan Sepkowski

    This is utter ridiculousness. Like the other two commenters, I have less than twenty friends, and I plan to keep it that way. The only way I see someone having one thousand friends is if they literally friend every single person they play online with. There’s no way anyone will fill up two thousand with their actual “friends”. If anyone tries to use this as “PS4 is winning” detail, I’m just gonna laugh in their face.

  • Glasscut

    No more excuses for not having enough fanboy clan members lmao

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