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Weekend Quencher 06/30/13 – Console Specs, Edition

Weekend Quencher 06/30/13 – Console Specs, Edition

Sorry for being so late with the WQ, but my PC is to be blamed for the lapse, as the thing decided to die an untimely death on Friday, leading me to perform all sorts of tricks to revive it. But alas, it’s alive and well again, and so too is our Weekend Quencher.

This past week most of the talk was about PS4 specs and how it’s more powerful than that of Xbox One, then suddenly, per Eurogamer, Microsoft made a claim that it’s magically found a way to make Xbox One’s ESRAM more efficient, and is able to extract, get this, 88 percent more power from the console.

That’s one day after Mark Cerny’s Gamelab keynote in Barcelona, where he spoke about the innards of PS4, eluding to why it’s so much more powerful than anything on the market, and easier to create games for, too.

Eurogamer was found wanting, however, mistakenly revealing its “sources” of this information as, wait for it… Microsoft!


Anyway, it’s all a show, Xbox One is way less powerful than PS4 and Microsoft, with bad habits, is looking to change the perception that it is… But whatever.

The question is, how important is a console’s specs to you? Does it matter which is the most powerful? Because the Wii, being the least powerful during its time, is still the bestselling console of current-gen.

It matters to me, but that’s just me.

Also, what games are you good people playing or have played this weekend? Let’s hear it! And have a blessed one!

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  • Wolf1888

    Well, it is important to me, but the sad thing is that most of the PS4 games won’t really benefit from it. I’m talking about the multi-platform games, of course.

    Developers that will make games for both consoles will make a game that can run on the weakest console, therefor the better console only having a game that could be so much better for it.

    Of course we will see the difference with exclusive titles, but for multi-platform games that will be released on both PS4 and Xbox One, we will sadly have to play games that are limited to Xbox One’s lower performances.

  • Jason


  • LogicalGamer

    @wolf1888:disqus I agree completely. That’s what diminished too many games this generation, simply because developers had to keep the 360′s limitations in mind when making multi-platform releases.. I think developers should just create games for the best system in mind first, and then give the lesser console a port, not the other way around.