Saturday, July 6, 2013
Titanfall Is Coming To PS4, Respawn Simply Can’t Say It

Titanfall Is Coming To PS4, Respawn Simply Can’t Say It

You are a PlayStation gamer or at least looking to buy PS4 over Xbox One in November, and although all the other games look great, there’s one title that’s peaked your interest: Titanfall. Only problem is the game won’t be coming to PS4…. or at least that’s what Microsoft wants us to believe – but what does Respawn Entertainment has to say about this? Well, in an interview with Geoff Keighley’s latest Game Trailers TV on Spike, Respawn Entertainment’s head, Vince Zampella, couldn’t give a straight answer when asked about the gaming coming to PlayStation 4.

Zampella also emphasized the word “launch” while trying to give Keighley a reasonable answer.

“At launch we’re going to be on Xbox One, 360, and PC,” Zampella said. When asked in a follow-up if he means Titanfall could come to PlayStation eventually, Zampella stumbled, failing to confirm or deny.

“Um, all we’re talking about is.. you know, we’re focused on getting the game out at launch; making it the most best and fun it can be. Anything after that, we’ll have to focus on later.”

So there you have it, the game will eventually come to PS4, I believe, but will PlayStation gamers even care then? Do you care about Titanfall? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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  • ozzAR0th

    Titanfall definately looked like a killer app. I have limited interest due to the fact that I really don’t like competative online FPS games but yeah. If it comes to PS4 that’s gonna be a huge blow to MS.

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