Wednesday, March 27, 2013
Quenchables: Limbo Coming To Vita

Quenchables: Limbo Coming To Vita

IGN’s revealed that Limbo will be coming to Vita. The site didn’t give a date as to when it’ll be released on the portable console, however we’re assuming it’ll see a release sometime this year. And now you’re quenched.

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  1. great game, but whats the point?
    its really short so its not the type of game you would want on a portable system wasting space on that precious memory card.
    not to mention its been on COUNTLESS PSN sales and offered for free oh so many times!
    $ony really should look to something like portal 2 or quantum conundrum, those would do really well for the vita!
    really need to get some games for its own too, but lets at least get the ports right first……….

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