Friday, April 18, 2014
The Last Of Us Might Come To PS4

The Last Of Us Might Come To PS4

Naughty Dog’s Arne Meyer said they’re only focusing on shipping the game in May on PS3 as of now, but anything’s possible, responding to a NeoGAF user who asked “a serious question” concerning The Last Of Us and it being ported to PS4.

Said Meyer:

Not at this time. We’re focused on shipping for PS3 – thinking about how to bring this over to the PS4 would distract us right now. IF that’s something we can and choose to do, I suspect it would happen once we release the game.

The Last Of Us sees a release June 14th on PS3.

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  • nick

    honestly cant see this happening.
    the other team is undoutebly working on uncharted 4, so either this comes out before that which means it wont be a launch title which is a massive mistake to make!
    if theres one game that will really help push the ps4 its uncharted 4!
    lets wait till the inevitable TLOU 2 for a appearance on the ps4.