Saturday, September 6, 2014
Sony Giving Out $10 PSN Vouchers Again

Sony Giving Out $10 PSN Vouchers Again

I don’t know what’s gotten Sony so jolly, but the giant company is once more giving out select PSN users $10 just for the heck of it. All one has to do is check their message box and if they’re lucky, boom, money will be there to be spent. Only thing, spend it before March 25th or else it’ll be useless.

Now tell Sony how much you lover her in the comments. Come on.

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  • Alex Mason

    No love for EU, again.

  • foxton

    fuck you sony, wheres my free money? is this to make up for the far superior games we get on ps plus over here??

  • narwall14

    Sony thinks they can throw $10 at us and expects us to strip dance for them LMAO