Thursday, June 6, 2013
Guerrilla Games Title And Next-Gen Racer To Debut At PS4 Event On Feb. 20th

Guerrilla Games Title And Next-Gen Racer To Debut At PS4 Event On Feb. 20th

Today’s February 6th, 14 more days before Sony takes center stage in New York City, unveiling what many have concluded with be PS4′s big reveal. There, games will be revealed, and rumors out of gaming’s web today are claiming that one will be from Killzone developer Guerrilla Games, and the other a next-gen racer. PlayStation’s hot these days. Via NeoGAF and these guys.


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  • benzo

    I’m ready for a new Killzone!!!!! Be it for ps3, vita, or the ps4….I NEED THAT!!!

  • Alex Mason

    Next-Gen Racer? That seems like something I would like to see from Guerrilla.

    But for now, KILLZONE MERCENARY!

  • nick

    little more detail, the racer is a open world racer developed by the team at evolution studios, of motorstorm fame, and to make things just that bit more interesting the ex developers who did BLUR, one of THE best racing games of the generation have moved to evolution as well.
    its going to be a open world game, and they apparently wanted to slap the GT name on it, but PD quickly put a stop to that.
    dunno why, ive always been dreaming of a open world GT game that would be awesome!
    loved forza horizon, so $ony REALLY needs to reconsider putting the GT brand behind this.
    first id be nice to have the guys at PD overwatching and have just the GUI and the licensed cars of GT on it.
    than secondly, it IS a launch title, and launch titles ALWAYS struggle to sell well!
    or maybe thats why they refused it, maybe GT6 really is planed to be a launch title…….
    as for GG its their new IP, not KZ4 which is good.
    not to say i dont want to see another killzone, but im all killzoned out.
    and im all shootered out!
    we NEED something different and new from them!

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