Saturday, September 6, 2014
“A Lot Of Next Gen Games Will Still Target 30 fps,” John Carmack Says

“A Lot Of Next Gen Games Will Still Target 30 fps,” John Carmack Says

John Carmack, the man who invented the first-person shooter has said that when the next generation of consoles comes about, developers will still target 30 frames per second, and not the Call of Duty standard of 60fps.

Carmack didn’t bother to make known why he feels the way he does, and because he most likely knows what will be under the hood of the next Xbox and PlayStation, some gamers are concerned that these machines won’t be as powerful as earlier predicted.

It’s pretty disheartening, too, as he said he could actually confirmed the news, adding that it was “unfortunate”.

Unfortunately, I can pretty much guarantee that a lot of next gen games will still target 30 fps.

What do you make of Carmack’s comments? It’s pretty discouraging stuff.

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  • Ghost250

    i really hope he is wrong and sony still targets 1080p & 60 FPS as a standard for next gen. it ridiculous that 30 FPS is the standard this gen. example: far cry 3 doesn’t even run at 30 FPS on consoles, no wonder people think of it as PC exclusive. talk about crap performance.

  • Ghost250


  • nick

    FC3 has shoddy performance on PC as well, even on my M18X with THE worlds most powerful mobile graphics cards X 2 it still is constantly dropping to 20FPS.
    ubisoft really need to learn code optimization, its really starting to piss me off how many of their games lately are buggy as hell!
    AC3, FC3, zombiu, all almost unplayable.
    back on topic that does not surprise me, nor is it really a issue.
    99% of people wont be able to tell the difference, and personally i prefer the extra juice to give me larger worlds, better AI, better physics, ect, ect.
    its incredibly difficult to get your rendering engine running at 60FPS, actually using COD perfect example theres a reason why that is STILL running in SUB HD!
    only reason it can run at 60FPS is because its extremely low resolution, poor physics, non existent AI, ect, ect.
    no thanks john, you can take your 60FPS and put it where it belongs.
    i would of loved rage even more if it did not have the texture detail of a freaking ps2 game!