Saturday, January 31, 2015
Wii U Is Region Locked, Nintendo Confirms

Wii U Is Region Locked, Nintendo Confirms

Just like the Wii and 3DS, Nintedo’s latest console Wii U will be region locked.

That’s according to a Famitsu translation posted on Twitter:

What can be played on the Wii U is restricted by a region-lock feature; software not sold in the same region cannot be played.

The console will be launched in the U.S. on November 18th, while Europe sees a November 30th release. In an surprising move by Nintendo, Japan, a region that’s always first to see console launches from Sony and the aforementioned company, will get Wii U on December 8th.

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  • TheGrimOfDeath

    I think this is a really bad move. What if a guy buys a game from another region that isn’t sold in his region? A bad move I suppose Nintendo?

  • narwall14

    well this would suck if the vita was region locked

  • nick

    well, there goes the idea of importing one from the states.

    as for the vita, well, it technically IS region locked.
    locked to 1 PSN account, and depending on which region that account is from you can only play games from there.
    all the games i bought from HK for my launch vita last year dont work on my AU model.

  • nick

    speaking of the wiiu, ubi just sent me a email confirming zombieu and rayman ledgends will be playable at the EB expo.
    so the manager of my local store was not lying to me, now i feel bad.

  • benzo

    At this point in gaming history, we need to stop with this regional lock crap. We are a global society, so our consoles should follow suit!

  • Ernice Gilbert

    Couldn’t have said it any better.