Monday, September 1, 2014
Thirsty Conversations: Why Would You Buy The Next Xbox?

Thirsty Conversations: Why Would You Buy The Next Xbox?

Xbox 720 or whatever will be its final name, sees a release next year, there’s not doubt about it. Microsoft has pushed the ailing machine to its limits, lasting an impressive seven years on the market, and still sprinting to the finish line.

But MS reckons there’s still has more juice left in it, and the console will be supported way past the release of the next Xbox. Will you cling to Xbox 360 when the next machine launches, or will you lay down $399 for the monstrosity that will be Xbox 720?

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  • Ghost250

    only ways i would buy the next xbox is if:

    1) if they make a variety of exclusives instead of regurgitating gears, fable, halo, & forza all the time

    2) if the next playstation is incapable of running next gen fallout games.

    3) if Microsoft secures a big third party game as an exclusive like MGS5, GTA V, etc.

    microsoft has alot to prove to me on a reason to buy the next xbox, because honestly i don’t see any of those three happening.


    mos def i will!

  • nick

    exactly the same as $ony, i want M$ to continue doing what they use to.
    M$ gained their spot in the industry by offering a cheaper more powerful system with a influx of exclusives.
    sadly that, like $ony, has changed.
    it really needs to change back!
    M$ needs to wake up and smell the coffee, not everyone is interested in crappy kinect games!
    they REALLY need to buy a few more first party studios, bring out some new IPs, revive some old IPs, and most importantly bring the budget and quality of their games up!
    im sorry to say it but the 360 has been the exact opposite of the xbox!
    the xbox was by far the most advanced system of its time, and it showed!
    comparing xbox exclusives to ps2 ones were, like, well, comparing ps3 exclusives to 360s!
    there was a clear step up in technology and sophistication.
    i want that back!